Social Media & Website Management

We love Chicago and everything to do with it. The environment, weather and culture bring this windy city to life and give it the personality we all love and adore.

At, we want business soaring for everyone – especially those in the bar/restaurant industry. For the past several years, we have offered our clients social media and website management services so they can focus on producing quality services and products to residents and visitors alike in the area.

Why You Should Outsource Your Social Media and Website Management

As a business owner, your time can only be split between so many things before there just isn’t enough time in the day anymore to get it all done. Everyday operations must be passed through you, marketing strategies, customer service complaints, ordering products and so many other tasks that it can be daunting to even think about your social media accounts and website.

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However, what if we told you that by neglecting your social media accounts and website, you’re missing the opportunity to reach millions of people in the Chicago area. This means all the hard work you’re doing everywhere else is useless without having your social media and website managed.

Let’s take a closer look at what you’re really missing if you aren’t active on the internet;

  • Facebook Management – Every single day, Facebook is flooded with active news, comments and likes from just about everyone. More than 4.5 billion likes are placed on Facebook daily – meaning millions of people are constantly on the social media website hourly.Having a professionally managed Facebook page can give you reach to a much larger audience that local promotions wouldn’t be able to cover. At, we want to use your Facebook to create an advertisement plan that can give you exposure over long-term and get followers in your door.
  • Twitter Management – Twitter might only allow 140 characters, but the small word space doesn’t mean it’s not valuable word space. Over 500 million Tweets are sent out across the world on average per day. This is just another valuable social media website that can give you the necessary awareness and exposure you’re looking for in your Chicago business.
  • Instagram and Management – Restaurants and bars, these two social networks are your bread and butter right here. Food and drinks can only really entice customers when they get to see them with their own eyes. Instagram is heavily-focused on pictures, which can bring your food and beverages to life. Don’t let your pages go dormant for weeks at a time.Imagine having access to millions of people every day who can view just how delicious your food and drinks are coming out of the restaurant. Pictures are worth more than a 1,000 words.
  • Website Management – As with every other social media website, your website is linked to the internet. This already means it has the potential to be seen by thousands every month, but not without first using Search Engine Optimized content to help bring positive attention to your website from the search
    engine bots.Websites that are incomplete, not optimized correctly or poorly written can completely botch the success of any site on the internet. Having someone manage the content and update the website accordingly will help not only pull views to your website, but it will also help pull more attention to your linked social media accounts.

Social media has spread like wildfire in recent years and its’ now impossible for any company to thrive in the business world without actively engaging with their customers online. Creating a powerful online presence can bring in twice or triple the number of customers within just a short few months. Give your brand a breath of fresh air.

Hire us to manage your website & social media accounts!

Being attentive to your website and content is a full-time job in itself. If your focus, as a business owner, was only on marketing, you wouldn’t have time to spare elsewhere.

Hiring someone to help assist with your social media and website management can help alleviate one less issue without costing you potential thousands of dollars when your social media presence goes inactive.

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