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How To Reach More Customers And Market Your Brand In Chicago

Did you know that Chicago has a population of over 2.7 million people?
In 2014 alone, there were over 50 million visits to Chicago and Chicago also features over 37,000 hotel rooms for the guests. If you’re not advertising your business or your brand, you could be potentially missing out on millions of customers that come to the city every single year. This is where we come in. We can feature you on our website and bring more customers to your door, meaning more cash for your business.

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Why Use A Featured Business Service?

  1.  Every year, tens of millions (over 50 million in 2014) visit Chicago for visiting family, exploring the area, fine dining or other traveling ventures.
  2. On average, we reach out to approximately 16,000 Chicagoans every single month! All of those people could be reading about your business.
  3. The tourism business in Chicago is steady and booming. When tourists come to a new city they’ve never been to, they want to know where to sleep, where to eat, where to go, what there is to do and what there is to see. The first place they’ll look is online to see what’s around them. Being featured here could put you ahead of all those competitors.
  4. There are 7000+ restaurants in Chicago. Just imagine how many of those restaurants you would be ahead of if potential customers looked up nearby restaurants and saw you as the first result.

Tourists Love Chicago

There’s over 500 parks, over 20 miles of lakefront, over 200 theaters and nearly 3 million residents residing here in Chicago. Route 66 actually begins in Chicago on Adams Street located directly in front of the Art Institute of Chicago. There’s a near unlimited amount of things to do here in The Windy City.

Marketing Your Own Business Is Tough

Marketing yourself and obtaining customers is a difficult business. You have to allocate the resources, you have to plan out the marketing carefully step by step, you have to plan out the budget, you have to figure out how to target the right customers and so on. It’s a difficult job and who has time for all of that? You have a business to run.

Having a sponsored post here on our website means we’ll take care of all the hard work for you and we’ll get your restaurant in front of other hungry customers looking for a nice place to dine in. Not only that, but once you get one happy and satisfied customer, social media can spread the message like wildfire. All it takes is one customer to leave a positive review to positively influence other curious customers on the fence about visiting your business.

You can’t do it alone. With thousands upon thousands of bars, restaurants and clubs out there, you need your business to be in front of those people but you need help marketing it. So if you don’t have the budget for one of those over priced expensive road side billboards or you just want an effective solution to get your business in front of customers without the cost of an arm and a leg, click (here) to contact us and tell us about your business. We’ll help you grow your business!