5 New Chicago Restaurants


5 New Chicago Restaurants

Anyone who is familiar with Chicago knows that there are constantly new eateries popping up around town, and that makes being a foodie that much more exciting. Here are five great options to choose from when you’re looking to try out somewhere new the next time you head out for dinner or drinks. If you need a way to get around town safely, be sure to consider using a professional transportation service such as Chicago Tour Buses.



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1846 W Division St
This is a unique restaurant that has an innovative craft cocktail program, and a flower shop! There’s a cocktail with sugar on top that you get to break with a hammer, similar to crème brûlée which is pretty fun. Their roasted chicken comes topped with truffle honey, and the short rib will fall apart in your mouth.


Ocean Prime
87 E Wacker Dr
You can find this restaurant on the second floor of the London House hotel in Chicago. This makes for a great gathering spot if you happen to have friends or family visiting from out of town. There are some amazing happy hour specials on their extensive list of cocktails. Their specialties are steakhouse fare and seafood options, you also don’t want to skip dessert!

Joe’s Imports
813 W Fulton Market
This wine bar in the Fulton Market area has already been recognized by quality publications such as the Chicago Tribune. It’s a good idea to book a reservation, because this is an eatery that’s usually pretty busy. With dining options like duck egg raviolo, grilled octopus and snow crab, you really can’t go wrong with a visit to this new spot in the area.

Iron Age Korean Steakhouse
1265 N Milwaukee Ave
If you’ve never been to a Korean steakhouse before, now is your chance! Here, you have the chance to get to grill your own meat in true DIY fashion. The Iron Age Soy Steak seems to be the most popular options here, as well as the dukboki (or spicy rice cake). The servers all have headsets to interact with one another, so the service is extremely speedy and efficient here.

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1329 W Chicago Ave
This new restaurant in the Noble Square area specializes in Himalayan, Nepalese, and Indian cuisine. We love the upscale atmosphere and authentic dishes here. Some of the local favorites include the kebabs, goat curry, biryani, tandoori venison, and butter chicken. There are a lot of vegetarian options, as well.


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