5 Ways to Stay Fit in the City

Let’s face it, we all live busy lives. We don’t always have time to head to the gym or pull out and set up a home gym in the middle of a busy day. Living in a large city like L.A. or Chicago or New York has fitness advantages including designated walking/biking space, tall buildings with stairs, etc.
Image by @photosbylaron

Image by @photosbylaron

Here are 5 ways that you can incorporate fitness into your regular routine;
  1. Walk. The convenience of living in a major city is the convenience of being able to walk instead of drive. Walk to the liquor store, grocery store. Find a reason.
  2. Dance. Big cities offer a social life. Find a reason to socialize that involves movement. Take a class or hit up a club, get that body moving.
  3. Find a running or fitness group. Big cities offer so many clubs and or groups, sometimes even for free! My local park offers a free fitness boot camp every wed and Friday evening.
  4. Dress to impress. Style never goes out of fashion. I find that caring about the way I look keeps the motivation alive. It’s easy to stay fit when you are reminded of your looks. Dress with style and it will trickle down to reminding you to stay fit.
  5. Buy a mirror. This is like #4. Honestly, some call it vanity and I guess it is, but what’s wrong with it? Love yourself and love your look. A mirror is a reminder of you and let’s you see what you look like. All that really matters is your self-esteem but looking in a mirror allows you to see what others do externally. If you want to stay fit, remind yourself of your condition by looking at a mirror.

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