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Steve Ek is an interesting character. He is an eccentric, a foodie, an artist… and the owner of an auto repair shop. His unique combination of personality is directly reflected in his work, making Ek Automotive the only one of its kind. With artwork ranging from painting, welding, refurbishing, and re-purposing lined across every wall of the shop, his customers experience MUCH more than an oil change.Image 2

Located in Edison Park, Ek Automotive is a jewel in the community. By hosting paint nights and gallery showings (free of charge, by the way!) Steve has proven that auto work doesn’t have to be a one stop shop—it can be an experience. Even more, Ek Automotive has transformed waiting for repairs into a relaxing getaway with its rooftop bistro.

_DSC1045Amazingly, in the midst of all the fun and inspiration, their quality of auto work has never been sacrificed. In fact, Ek Automotive just celebrated their 25th anniversary. Their loyal customer base comes from their honest and high quality auto repair and service. In the words of Steve Ek himself, “Ek Auto is setting the example of how automotive repair and service should be everywhere for everyone.”


He also said he wasn’t an Eric Clapton fan, but we’ll let that one slide. A shop that is truly imitable, Ek Automotive is a must-see Chicago spot.

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Albany Park, Chicago


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