Restaurant Week Favorites


As you may have known,  January 22nd-Febuary 4th was Chicago Restaurant Week 2016! I needed to get out and visit some new restaurants in the city. So I hit the town with friends that love food as much as I do and hit the town tasting some of the best food that Chicago has to offer!

Below are six restaurants that I visited for Restaurant Week 2016;

1.)  Nacional 27
Latin, Dinner for $33

A great value for the price and delicious food! Received three courses plus chips, salsa, guacamole and corn for the table.

First course: Three empanadas which were excellent.
Second course: Latin Skirt Steak which as Amazing! Huge piece of steak with potatoes and tomatoes with great blend of Latin seasoning and spices.
Third course: A generous serving and delicious piece of Flan

2.)  Tortoise Club
American, Lunch for $22

Very nice lunch with variety of choices on a prix fix menu.
First course: House salad which was very large and included apples, candied walnuts and goat cheese with a wonderful light dressing of vanilla vinaigrette. Second course: I selected the fish and chips which were very good. Beer battered cod but not too heavy.
Third course: Tortoise pie which was my favorite!  Large piece of chocolate cake with walnuts and caramel sauce!

3.) Coco Pazzo
Italian, Lunch for $22 Filling and very good Italian lunch for the price.
First course: Mozzarella di Bufala which was excellent and very tasty!
Second course: Rigatoni alla Buttera which was also very good. Included a huge portion of pasta with sausage, red tomato sauce, and peas.
Third course: Panna Cotta which I enjoyed also. A much needed light vanilla custard with a huckleberry sauce. A great end to a wonderful meal.

4.)  Le Colonial
French-Vietnamese, Dinner for $33 or $44 (Two different menus for the week. I chose the $33 menu) Exceptional meal full of authentic Vietnamese flavor.
First course: Banh Uot which was beef rolled in wide rice noodles. Very good! Second course: Mi Xao Do Bien which was seafood medley over egg noodles in an oyster sauce. Simply amazing and a huge entree.
Third course: Caramelized lemon tart which was also very good!


5.) Travelle
Mediterranean Lunch for $22  Very good meal with top notch presentation.
First course: BBQ Octopus which was excellent! Served with a pork belly and bean sauce.
Second course: Salmon served with a tomato stew. Very flavorful with
touch of mint.
Third course: chocolate cake with German chocolate icing and chocolate covered corn flakes.

6.) Chicago Q
Barbecue, Dinner for $33 Wonderful dinner with perfect sides to accompany your huge portion of BBQ. Chips and sweet pickles were brought to the table immediately after being seated.
First course: Fried hush puppies which were cooked perfect!
Second course: The granddaddy of the meal: a full slab of baby back ribs. WOW, WOW were these amazing! Extremely tasty and cooked perfectly.
The meat fell off the bones instantly. Served dry but accompanied with 4 different sauces.
Third course: large piece of carrot cake which was very moist and good!

After two weeks and six restaurants, I have eaten so much amazing food!  All the six places I went to were well worth the price. Having a three course meal at all these six restaurants would cost much more than $22 or $33. I cannot wait until Chicago Restaurant Week 2017. Now its time to hit the gym. I think I have gained 5 plus pounds from eating out. No complaints though. Would do again next year and visit even more places!

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