8 Things to LOVE about Chicago

Image credit. @devrinj

Image credit. @devrinj

Sarah Bernhardt, the famous actress, once said, “I adore Chicago, it is the pulse of America.” Sarah’s words are timeless and so is the unique city of Chicago. Its charm is equally irresistible to both – the tourists and the natives. Let’s discover the treasures of Chicago.

Here are 8 things I love about the Windy City and I hope you will too!

1. Lake Michigan is Beautiful
The pristine water of Lake Michigan soothes one and all. It’s a treasure in more ways than one. Spending quality time at the beach is a Chicago pastime for locals and tourists alike. My favorite is Oak Street Beach!

2. The Bold Architecture
May it be the city’s contemporary and iconic skyline, Millennium Park, unbelievable street grids or movable bridges, Chicago can make any pair of eyes wonder at its architectural delights. Chicago natives and the tourists adore it alike. Take a walk downtown and look up.

3. Food & Food Tours
Food lingers longer in the mind than on the tongue. A place is often valued for what it does to the taste buds and Chicago can surely do wonders. From the much-loved Chicago Style-dogs, to deep dish pizza, to the original

Chicago style pizza via Giordano's

Chicago style pizza via Giordano’s

beef-laden ‘Portillo’ burgers and sandwiches, you can never have enough here. And that’s just the beginning. Nothing compares to Chicago’s tasteful “food tours” and “dine-arounds” that not only take you through food-paradise but also highlight a number of restaurants and menus for you to pick from. When food has a certain history, it becomes even more special.


4. Baseball History! Cubs/Sox
Wrigley Field: Home to the acclaimed Chicago Cubs, this cherished ballpark

boasts a scoreboard that dates back to the year 1937 and is operated manually. The Cubbies haven’t won a world series in over 100 years, but that doesn’t stop fans in Wrigleyville from being crazy about the Cubs or their admiration for Wrigley Field. It also doesn’t stop tourists from flocking to the field by the hundreds to get a glimpse at Cubbies history.

Comiskey Park:  (A.K.A. U.S. Cellular Field)
With 3 World Championships, 6 Pennants, and 9 Playoff appearances, the White Sox have clearly proven to be the more successful team in the city in the category of world series wins in the last century. The ChiSox are the pride of the southside and after just a quick red line train ride to Sox/35th you can enjoy a great game.

5. The Bean
Of course, it’s formally known as Cloud Gate, but everyone knows it as “The Bean.” Every trip to Chicago is not complete without a picture in front of this Chicago outdoor sculpture icon.

6. Air And Water Show
This annual event that takes place in the month of August. There are tourists who plan their vacation especially during this time. The show lets you witness some real, goose-bump inducing ‘daredevil’ maneuvers by fighter planes. The performance is best seen from North Avenue Beach or a place overlooking the lake. It is a must see!

7. Boat Rides
A relaxing boat ride on Lake Michigan with a fine view of Chicago’s skyline against the backdrop of the setting sun makes you fall in love with this city. The love is for keeps. It is a great way to enjoy a warm summer Chicago evening.

8. The Museums And Art Galleries
From the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum to the Art Institute Of Chicago, there is a museum for everybody. The city caters to so many interests and attracts everyone young and old.

The world is full of places that have the power to make life seem worthwhile. Chicago is that powerful.


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