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Dealing with stress is a another big part of wellness, so its important to  have those special places where you can go and relax.  Too much stress can wreak havoc on your body and mental health. Learning what triggers your stress and managing it properly is another major component to having a healthy life. I work in customer service and nothing works the nerves like stupid people. Not to mention the other stressors we face outside of work. I am so determined to lose weight that I have begun to obsess about it. I read articles, I change my eating habits , working out more. I really want to make this goal this year. 

Harper Theater Hyde Park. Image Credit | IG @igorfinzi

Harper Theater Hyde Park. Image Credit | IG @igorfinzi

When I tell people how disappointed I am over losing so little weight this summer one of the fist things they say is that I  maybe stressing out too much. Stress can effect weight loss as well. I have a friend at work that takes a ten minute walk during his lunch to help center himself before going back. I like to read or watch a TV show on my lunches but he insists that taking a short walk outside would be better. I join him sometimes and it is nice to be outside!
I’d better do it more often while the weather is so nice.

One of my favorite things I like to do to relax is go somewhere that is outside my daily routine and just sit and chill. Living in Hyde Park I don’t lack for places where I can just relax. However, I will limit this list to top five places in Hyde Park to Chill.

  • Sip & Savor
    This is actually the first cafe I patronized to in Hyde Park. I went there for a writing Meetup on Wednesdays and I enjoyed the low key vibe. The Sip n Savor is a fantastic place to order a good cup of tea or coffee and relax.  It’s quiet and not crowded like the Starbucks around the corner. It’s a great place to write and do some studying away from all the distractions at home. They have some snake foods and some really good cakes on a daily basis. I also have the Tumblr from them and now it only cost me a dollar for coffee and tea for life!
  • Bridgeport Coffee
    Bridgeport Coffee is another great place to hangout, read a book, and study. It is located on the side of the Hyde Park Art Center. So after browsing through the art I like to have a cup of tea and read a book. This spot is one of those quiet hipster spots. I love that they have have loose teas and a very colorful staff more than happy to recommend a new great tea or coffee. Their pastries and sandwiches are delicious too!
  • Harper Theater
    This place s a local gem. You can see a new movie for $8 dollars – tops and the matinee is $6. It’s small theatre with only three screens but it’s a great place to catch a matinee on a day off. I don’t recommend going on a weekend night because it’s a big teenager spot (unless of course, that’s your crowd) since it’s right in the neighborhood.
  • Promontory Point
    Ok, so it’s not technically in Hyde Park, but I love Promontory Point! It is simply-put, one of the most beautiful outdoor spaces I have seen all around Chicago.
    I make it a point to end all my runs and biking trips here just so I can sit and enjoy the view of the Chicago skyline and just marvel that this is where I live. There are plenty of benches to sit on and even fire pits for barbecues. You will have to wake up pretty early on a weekend or holiday in the summer to snatch up one of the pits, trust me. At any given point the grass is filled with people just hanging out and relaxing with friends, family, and pets to watch the sunset. I’ve even got up and run to see the sunrise. It’s beautiful!!!
  • Litehouse whole food Grill
    Now that I’m trying to be more conscious about what I’m eating I had to find a go-to place for when I want to eat healthy and chill outside of home. This brought me to Litehouse. It’s at the end of the 53rd street stripe but worth the walk. BTW, I say stripe because 53rd in Hyde Park is the most popular street, and it reminds me of Las Vegas where I went to college. There is music playing not to loud but definitely sets a vibe of a productive groove. The food is delicious and they have a very creative menu. Many of the dishes can be made into a wrap, salad, or in a bowl. FYI…The Caribbean Mango Jerk Salmon is great as a wrap!

These are my favorite spots in my hood, all you have to do is find yours and relax.

My next post will be about my favorite local bars in Hyde Park to go when you had a really bad day at work or when you don’t want to lose your parking spot and decide to chill with friends close to home.

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