Ten Great Apps to Help You Get Fit


The great thing about our day and age is that we have an unlimited amount of technology at our finger tips that can help us meet our fitness goals. Whether it is to help get you started or to push you harder the use of technology and apps can get you there. First I will list the top six apps I like to use. For the last four spots I will pull from other popular apps for fitness available for both IOS and Android.

10 Great Apps for Fitness

10 Great Apps for Fitness

My Fitness Pal
Monitoring the food we eat is a necessary step to having success in any fitness goal. This is the best food diary app, it has an extensive database and also allows you create your own meals you cook yourself.

Workout Trainer
This app is great because it provides you with a wide selection of workouts, and gives you reminders on your scheduled work out days. I of course have a bad habit of ignoring the reminders.

Run Keeper
I have tried a lot of running apps and I really enjoy this one. I especially like it because it links up with My Fitness Pal app and depicts how many calories I burns in correlation to how many calories I have consumed. It is also great for mapping bike rides as well. I like to show off my mapped run and biking on Facebook and Twitter.

White Noise
Sleep is important to fitness, and sometimes I have a hard time turning off to sleep at night. When that happens I just turn on the app to Extreme rain for 20 minutes and it relaxes me to a great night sleep. The app has many different settings and sounds for you use to your liking.

Water Your Body
It’s a shame but I do need this app. I went to the doctor and he said that I water dehydrated and need to drink more water. I stopped drinking pop but I need to add some water.

Zombies Run
I actually forgot about this app, I started using it when I first moved to Hyde Park to take the boringness out of running by myself. It was actually a lot of fun. I am a big fan of zombies, so this about app made me feel like I was apart of walking dead.

Strong Lifts 5X5
This apps motivates you to complete 5 sets of five reps of three exercises. Feel the burn but don’t worry it gives you breaks too.

WOD Deck of Cards
This Workout of The Day apps provides its users the choices of four exercises then in flash- card styles tells you how many to do until the deck of cards is done. This app is definitely for the more hard core because the moment it says burpees I’m done.

Nike+ Training Club
This app offers more than 100 workouts and I have actually tried one or too and they are no joke. I love that you can choose specific workouts. My go-to one is curves for days, it is designed to give workouts that will give a curvy figure.

Runtastic Six Pack Abs
You can choose from workouts programs that can last 10 days to a month. With the videos to demonstrate the exercises all you need to do, is get up and do them.

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