7 Bad Weight Loss Habits to Drop

Drinks Image Courtesy of IG @bottomsup_chicago

Drink Image Courtesy of IG @bottomsup_chicago

I’m proud to announce that I have lost 2lbs!! I know it’s a little but I have worked my butt off for those 2 pounds and it only encourages me to do even more. Since those measly pounds were so difficult to drop, it further proves that I need to drop some bad habits as well. We all have them, that beer after work, the sweet snack you eat late at night, or worse, after 8 hours of sitting at a desk zoning out in front of the TV. That’s my guilty pleasure, I come home and dive for the couch turn on the TV and zone out until bed. These are the very habits that have to go, if we to make our goals into a reality. I’m happy to say that for the past two weeks I have been getting my but kicked at a step class, and by a 50 year old man no less. I have been really been putting that $55 a month to work at LA fitness and have found some good classes to go to after work. Another big change I’ve made is how I spent one my favorite holidays.

The fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays, because there is no stress to find the perfect gift for someone. It’s a holiday of simple celebration and what is a celebration without food? Bar-b-que, chicken, and bratwurst. Macaroni and cheese, baked beans, and the cakes. The delicious, beautiful cakes, I love this holiday. This year however I decided to do something different than gorge myself on all the delicacies. So after work, (yes I had to work ) I spent the rest of the holiday bike riding with friends.  We rode downtown passed the deadheads heading to the Grateful Dead concert, the riverwalk with people enjoying the sunny day. At the end of the night we parked at the beach at lake shore drive and watched the fireworks.

Here are 7 Bad Weight Loss Habits to drop;

  1. Put down the soda
    Those extra calories, can pack on may extra pounds per year.
  2. No more all-nighters
    As tempting as is can be to stay out late in the city, get bed at a decent hour.
  3. Blame it on the alcohol
    Do you know how many calories is in that Mojito?
  4. Say no to TV binging
    Binge watching BOSS on Netflix may sound like a good idea, but the sedentary lifestyle increases diabetes risk and hinders workout motivation.
  5. Avoid all negative temptations
    If your willpower is not strong yet do not walk past the bakery.
  6. Switch out the sugar
    I know America runs on Dunkin and Starbucks but switching out sugar to healthier alternatives goes along way. Suggestions:
    honey, agave, stevia, and coconut cane sugar.
  7. No late night munchies
    Try to cap off the last meals by 8pm.


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