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In my effort to make good on my goal to lose weight for my vacation, I have decided to take my own advice and try something new. Class Pass often has a newcomer special, 10 free days  with unlimited classes. Class Pass is a monthly membership that allows you to workout in hundreds of fitness classes all over Chicago. It’s a great alternative than just having the usual gym membership. I have been wanting to try it ever since I found out about it. I love

Image Copyright. IG @classpass

Image Copyright. IG @classpass

taking fitness classes. When I go to the gym I get overwhelmed by all the equipment and what everyone else is doing . Most times I do a little running and sit ups and leave. Other times I’m on my phone looking for workout more than I’m actually working out. Plus, it so boring to workout by myself. In classes there is a plan and all you have to do is follow the leader. My plan is to take as many classes as possible or as many as my body would allow.

SixPax Pilates – South Loop

I have always wanted to try Pilates, from what is said in the magazines and how so many celebrities owe their tight bodies to Pilates workout, I was intrigued. So I traveled through the monsoon that was last Monday’s rainstorm and walked into the class. The class that day was small  with only two other girls. The class was good but not what I was expecting. When I first arrived there was another class in session and they were jumping on trampolines and it looked like fun so I was excited. That was not my class, I had Pilates Mat. This was more like yoga for me and I only like to do yoga when I’m really sore and don’t want to move too much. There were some moves that burned, I nearly popped a hamstring on one, but other than that it was eh. I’m not saying I will not do Pilates again, I’ll just pay attention to what other Pilates classes are offered.

Bar Method – Loop

For my next class I choose The Bar Method. This is another class I wanted to try. The Bar Method uses a ballet bar for intense isometric leg work, while also including abdominal and arm work. What’s refreshing about the Bar Method is that it is low impact, you’re not panting and running around to burn calories. It is designed to work the largest muscles in the body to burn more calories and create lean muscles. I really enjoyed the class, The instructor Ivy was very nice and attentive always there to help me get the movements right. The class gave me this slow intense burn in my muscles I can tell that I was doing a lot with the small movements we were doing. I will definitely go again.

Home – Hyde Park

Day of rest my muscles need a rest, the Bar Method kicked my butt. I did take a nice long walk around my beautiful neighborhood.

On The Go Kettle Bell Training – River West

On The Go Bootcamp or OTG is a 30 minute fast pace workout that uses kettle bells and TRX suspension to burn fat. This class is awesome, I have a kettle bell at home gathering dust, and being in this class reminded me how versatile the kettle bell is. Ryan the owner taught the class, he was energetic , fun and helpful. He offers a variety of classes and specializes in spartan race training. During the TRX suspension part I was having a hard time with the tricep pull-ups he took the time to help me do them correctly. TRX suspension is cool because you are using your own body weight to workout.  Warning you will have to do a lot of burpees. He even has a spin wheel that is spun at the end of class to determines how many rounds of burpees the whole class has to do. Luckily my class only had to do two sets of burpees, the class before mine was not so lucky they did at least five. Ouch.

Core Power Yoga  – Lincoln Park

For my last day of the week I decided that yoga would be a great relaxing workout. Core Power Yoga is great because they have studios all over Chicago. There is one in Hyde Park but I decided that since I have been staying so close to home it would be great to travel out so I went to the Lincoln Park location. I have done yoga before, this time I wanted to take it up a notch, and chose the Hot Power Fusion class. In this class the room is heated for a good sweat while working on opening the shoulders and strengthening the core. This was different for me to workout in a heated room I was sweating buckets. The class was very relaxing doing the posing, even though I was sliding because of he sweat.

I enjoy Class Pass way more than going to the gym, it’s just too much for me right now. Hopefully one day I can ditch the gym membership and just have Class Pass.  Many of the studios  featured are expensive and with class pass you are only paying $99 a month, however, be careful they have a strict cancellation policy , and no show fees, meaning if you reserve a class you better show up and be on time because you will be fined.

That was my week with class pass, I know I only took 4 but with my schedule I could not make it to more. I still have 2 days left and I will use them. My favorite class was The Bar Method with OTG at a close second. I have already signed up to take another Bar Method class on Wednesday. This was such a great experiment to do and I was able to find different ways that will help me lose weight. It just goes to show that interesting things can happen when you step outside the box.

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