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Handmade soaps, body care, skin care, cosmetics, and a top of the line nail spa, Mojo Spa has it all. Add to that, all of their beauty products are all natural and handmade from scratch! So not only do you look good using their products, but you feel good too. Recently featured in British Vogue, you can’t expect anything but the highest quality of products, exquisite services and the friendliest staff – and it’s affordable too!

Mojo Spa. Image Credit.

Mojo Spa. Image Credit.

The creator of the brand, Amanda Kezios, who was originally a personal chef, was on a mission to make the best all-natural lip balm that would keep lips smooth and moisturized for long periods of time. With it’s success, Amanda ended up creating products for skincare, body care and much much more, and selling it from her apartment with the desire to make others feel as great as she did using her own products. From there, it eventually became the ever-growing and highly recognized Mojo Spa that it is today! The brand has now been featured in a number of magazines, websites, and TV spots.

Located in the very heart of Wicker Park, you won’t be able to walk by its entrance without becoming entranced by the delightful smell that wafts out of its doors and the bumping, high-energy music. Their window displays are always top notch. Decorated with homemade tissue-paper-flowers that are popping with color they invite you into this fairytale land of pink and gold painted walls and stacks of cupcake soaps that look so real you have to stop yourself from taking a bite! A greeter at the front will give you a warm welcome, inform you that everything is all natural (handmade from scratch) and all locally made in Chicago!

At the back of the store is their totally chic nail spa, with more than 100 nail colors to choose from. Their basic manicure involves a mini leg massage with their seasonal scrub of the month (right now it’s the Pomona grapefruit scrub!), their best-selling Save Your Soles Foot Butter, a mini hand massage, nail care and polish that uses their Finger Fluff Cuticle Cream and Nail Candy-Nail treatment. In every nail service they use their own all-natural products that they sell in the store, so if you really like how it feels, you can have it for yourself! AND with every nail appointment, they offer a complimentary cocktail – talk about the best pampering experience ever!

Whenever you’re in Mojo Spa, it’s always a celebration! The store is always booking birthday and bachelorette parties, baby showers, corporate events and much more! The store has even recently added a photo booth where you can pose in front of their beautiful hand crafted flowers after getting a service or a Mojo make-up makeover. Yes, you heard that right, if you’re interested in any of their all natural make-up, Mojo has highly qualified make-up artists that can walk you through all their great looks and must-haves and apply them on to help you look naturally flawless!

So if you haven’t checked out Mojo Spa, don’t miss out on all the buzz! It’s a rarity to have products that not only work, but are completely natural and affordable, and sold by a small local business that genuinely cares about their clients and customers.

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Pilsen, Chicago
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