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You can’t sharpen a knife on butter, it has to go against something. My pastor said this on Sunday about how doing the right thing is not always easy, there will be obstacles to overcome. This pretty much sums up my whole life, especially my weight loss journey. I thought that I can ride my bike, and change up my breakfast and the weight will start to slide off. This has worked before; I ride my bike, change how I eat a little, I lose weight.
I guess my body is changing and I need to step it up a notch or two. What I have been doing was too easy, I was basically doing the minimal. My birthday is this weekend and I will not make my goal of losing 10lbs. I started that goal 40 days ago, now maybe 10 pounds in 40 days was not enough time but I do feel I could have done more. However, I have another chance to redeem myself. In 52 days my friends and I are going to New Orleans and no matter how sore I’ll be or what I may have to give up, I will lose those 10 pounds!

Image Credit: IG @getyodizon

Image Credit: IG @getyodizon

This is goes out to everyone who may have lost a battle for weight loss, I say to you don’t give up we can do this. Now I don’t even like this song but it comes to mind in this situation and I can’t help but feel motivated by it. Maybe that’s why they play it in that spinning class I skip all the time. It is Britney Spear’s Work Bitch. The song starts off with “you want a hot body?” So here are ten ways to step it up a notch and work;

1. Switch up your workouts
You can’t just do one thing, there has to be a balance of cardio and strength training. Additionally, there are always 5k’s, stair climbs and fun runs going on in the city.

2. Work for it
When you go to workout, workout, don’t worry about your hair, how sore you might get or anything else but why you’re doing this. Besides the burning means it’s working remember.

3. Plan meals / Food diary
This one is important so you can know what you are eating and where you need to make changes. For me planning meals help because if I don’t cook my lunch for work I will most likely buy fast food.

4. Workout hangouts
It is scientifically proven that those who workout with friend(s) have better chances of reaching their goals. So this summer instead of going to Bar Louie for drinks, meet up at a gym or workout class and have smoothies after. Click here to see some workout meetup groups around the city

5. Add weights
Add weights to your regimen. If you like to walk on the trail or jog Lake Shore Drive, add some ankle weights or hand weights to burn more calories.

6. Drink more water
It’s so common sense it’s cliche but we don’t do it enough.

7. Actively tighten your core throughout the day
You can do it via crunches first thing in the morning there are even ways to tone while sitting. Check out Fitday.com’s article on 4 Quick Daily Workouts for a toned stomach.

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8. Try something new
I finally signed up for the ten free days of Class Pass and will try to take as many classes as possible. Class pass is cool because it gives you access to so many different workout classes all over the city. You can do yoga in Hyde Park on Monday, Pilates in the Loop on Tuesday, Kick boxing in Logan Square on Wednesday. Then Thursday you’re barely be able to walk, but you get the picture.

9. Eat more green leafy foods
Kale, spinach, and greens oh my!

10. Just keep at it

At times it may seem like nothing is working but you will be rewarded for your effort. You are not alone in this battle!


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