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Summer is right around the corner and Chicago has finally got to the point where weather will be consistently warm. We aren’t hesitating anymore and walking about the city wearing pants and a light jacket on a 70 degree day as an emergency precaution, just in case the city’s temperature will drop a dramatic 25 degrees in a matter of hours (as we know, it has happened before!). Now we can leave our homes as confident Chicagoans, in a T-shirt, shorts, sandals, and even a layer of sunscreen, ’cause it’s sunny out there! Hallelujah.

Kayaking the Chicago River. Image courtesy of

Kayaking the Chicago River. Image courtesy of

So, now that it is absolutely gorgeous out, I’m going to share with you my absolute favorite summer activity to do in the city on a nice day off. You can do this with just yourself, or with your friends. This is a really unique thing that Chicago has that many other cities don’t, you can actually Kayak through the city on the Chicago River.

Elements of nature and city collide in a super fun and active way, allowing yourself to view the city as you’ve never imagined before! For those who are beginners, and need to get a little more comfortable operating a Kayak, have no fear, because they offer a number of classes to teach you everything you need to know. Once you’re in the water, your tour guide will lead you on your way! There are a few Kayak places in Chicago, and each tour begins at different places in the city, so you have an option to choose which one best works for you. All of them are incredibly scenic and full of excitement! Sign up now for the Chicago Shoot! Sign up now for the Chicago Shoot!


During the tour, you learn a lot of interesting facts about the city, especially on architecture and history of the areas you stop to admire. The tour is, no doubt, a great workout for your arms as well as good cardio for your heart. It’s just the right amount without leaving you panting and feeling like you’re going to die, so it’s open to pretty much anyone – all ages and fitness levels. You can paddle your way through the beautiful city during the daytime to take in the good vitamin D, or you can get a completely different experience and enjoy the spectacular lights of the city buildings at night. If you plan for the right day, you can even catch the fireworks that go off on the weekends at the Navy Pier! Either way, the experience is very intimate with nature, and much more memorable compared to the other tours Chicago offers.

I know after a long cold winter, we all feel like we need to re-connect with nature again.
If you’re feeling that urge to dip your fingers into the river as you gaze up towards this beautifully crafted city with the sunshine on your back and the wind in your hair, you should definitely check out the Chicago kayak tours. It’s time to celebrate summer and go out and do the things we have been daydreaming about for much too long, because who knows how long it will last!

Alyssa McGrail
Pilsen, Chicago
Instagram: @lyss_lou

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