Girls, Spaghetti, and Wrestling at Double Door

Copyright. Chicago Outfit Spaghetti Wrestling.

Copyright. Chicago Outfit Spaghetti Wrestling.

What could be a better warm up to your Saturday night than a bunch of tough roller derby girls wrestling in a mini pool of spaghetti? Beats me! (Haha, get the pun?)

Double Door Liquors – a live music venue that has been holding live concerts, events, and many other varieties of entertainment – hosted The Chicago Outlet Roller Derby’s spaghetti wrestling competition, which seems nothing but completely appropriate given the venue’s edgy and underground type of vibe. But, nothing was edgier than the roller derby ladies, who were kicking major ass and shoving spaghetti into each others faces with nothing but smiles plastered on their faces.

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These girls weren’t just rolling around in spaghetti for shits and giggles either, everyone there came to support the derby for their annual fundraiser. The skaters who weren’t up to fight were weaving through the crowds in different themed costumes holding signs to join the $1 raffle, whichever raffle you chose was the lady you bet on to win.

Every girl was decked out in a different costume, and they weren’t at all shy to lose themselves in their characters. I saw someone dressed as Jesus, a pizza, a zombie, satan, a ninja turtle, Darth Vadar, Elvis… someone had a freakin’ toilet rim over their head, so basically there was just

a bunch of awesome and entertaining ladies who weren’t afraid to get wild and dirty!

Spaghetti was flying when the referee’s blew their whistles for the matches to begin, and the next thing you know hair is whipping and legs and arms are flailing in all different directions. This was way better than WWE. With all of that, and including the hard rock blasting through the speakers all night, you almost feel half as badass as these chicks rolling around in the spaghetti pool. The crowd was also so lively and fun that I would be lying if I said that The Outfit Roller Derby didn’t have a strong and loyal fan base. Double Door was packed to its maximum compacity that night, and it felt like I was in the midst of a very vibrant and close knit community that was welcoming to anyone as long as they were down to have a good time. How can you not when you are witnessing a ninja turtle wrestle a pizza in a pool of spaghetti?

Copyright. Chicago Outfit Spaghetti.

Copyright. Chicago Outfit Spaghetti Wrestling.

If your interested in checking out a game to support The Chicago Outfit Roller Derby, you can buy tickets for their next home game here!

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