Three Dots and a Dash… of Paradise!

Bunny's Banana Daiquiri img cr: @lyss_lou

Bunny’s Banana Daiquiri img cr: @lyss_lou

Looking for a bit of a tropical escape in the midst of this disappointing and bipolar Chicago weather? I didn’t think one existed until not just one little bird, but a whole flock of little birds told me that I “must go” to this speak-easy styled bar in the heart of downtown Chicago.

This hidden spot goes by the intriguing name: “Three Dots and a Dash,” and what about this place creates such a big buzz throughout the city? Get this: It’s a tiki bar. Yep, I said it, a tiki bar. When you walk into this underground tropical oasis you automatically feel like you have teleported to the islands of Hawaii. The bamboo lined walls, towering tiki statues, and colorful glowing lanterns allows your mind drift away from the bitter cold reality that is outside and kick back and relax like you’re on vacation!

But trust me, it only gets better! This place has been made infamous because of its extravagant and artful cocktails that leave you gawking like a little kid in a candy store. These cocktails are so cool that it will even make your grandma download Instagram just to take a photo and post it to show off her one-of-a-kind beverage of the heavens.

When I visited, I ordered the “Bunny’s Banana Daiquiri,” which has Jamaican rum, spiced rum, overproof rum, coconut liqueur, banana, lime, and nutmeg. Aka… yes please! Not only was it delicious, but when they brought it out I was delightfully surprised to see a dolphin coming out of my cocktail! This dolphin was masterfully crafted with one banana and it was so cute that I wished that it wasn’t a real banana so I could keep it as some random conversation piece for my apartment. I ended up eating the yummy alcohol infused treat instead, which was so worth it.

So if you’re interested in an island getaway that doesn’t involve an airplane and a bucket-load of cash, I’d definitely give this place a looksie. I think all of us deserve a good night out to spoil ourselves, and we damn well deserve a freaking banana-dolphin in our drink. When does that happen? That’s right, never.

Pilsen, Chicago
Instagram: @lyss_lou

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