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Delicious Sushi.  Yummy Thai.  BYOB.  No Corking fee.

This place is marriage material.

Sushi is addicting, but quality sushi can be pricey.  That’s why when I discovered this amazing Sushi BYOB I basically busted down the door – and I’m glad I did!  The food is fresh, fragrant, and beautifully displayed.  The service is fast and friendly.  Its cozy yet modern environment creates an intimate feel that is perfect for date nights.  Best yet, the food is super affordable.

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Even their most basic rolls feel indulgent and range from only $4-8.  And don’t overlook the sushi entrees, because that’s where the real steal is.  For just $15 you can get miso soup and a selection of sushi that will leave you satisfied.  That said, I highly recommend splurging on the signature rolls if you can – especially the Heat Wave.  Not only is the Heat Wave delicious, but the plate comes to the table ON FIRE!  Classy trick, Nano.

Nano has one location in Lakeview and another off the Western Brown Line stop.  This is a small but quickly growing business, so strike while the iron’s hot and stop in today.

Albany Park, Chicago

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