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For those of you aren’t familiar with the blonde, blue eyed, and dirty mouthed reigning comedy queen of 2015, you may wonder, “who the hell is Amy Schumer?” Amy Schumer is a stand-up comedian. She stars in, produces, and writes her own sketch-comedy show called “Inside Amy Schumer” where she plays herself. In the show she is the only actor featured in each episode and segment, with guest star appearances here and there. The show has had great success and Amy has only been growing from there.

She is currently on a comedy tour called “The Back Door Tour” and amongst the list of cities, of course, was Chicago at none other than the legendary and majestic Chicago Theatre.

There were two shows of the comedian on Friday the 13th (spooky!) at 7:30pm, and at 10:30pm. My friends and I got tickets to the 10:30pm showing because “we couldn’t get our shit together soon enough to buy the tickets to the earlier showing” — that is something along the lines of what Amy told us all at the beginning of her show, but she insisted that the late shows were the best shows because basically everyone has just come to the show from the bar and are most likely drunk and all-in-all a funner crowd.

Amy immediately showed the audience what made her special amongst the others when she strutted onto stage to some blasting bad-ass rap music and carrying a large bottle of either wine or champagne that throughout the show she sipped on straight out of the bottle. Half-way through the show she also took her heels off because “fuck that.”

Now that’s my kinda woman!

Amy’s unashamed, charming, and self-deprecating styled stand-up jumped from topics of how she thinks she is a closet alcoholic, how the industry treats her as a woman in California compared to New York, to her embarrassing experience being court-side at a Lakers game next to the obnoxiously beautiful Kate Upton. She also shared some jokes she was working on in anticipation of hosting the MTV Movie Awards, and closed the show telling us the absolute nastiest sex acts she’s ever been told. She then encouraged the audience to shout out the worst ones they’ve ever heard, leaving everyone sore-cheeked with hysterically horrifying mental pictures in their heads.

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I was left wanting more, and sad that the hour-long show was already over, but, you know what they say, time flies when you’re having fun!

And if you haven’t been to the Chicago theatre, you should definitely experience it if you are fan of Chicago and its big historical landmarks. Find a show to go to there, because with the breath-taking murals on the stage and ceiling and crystal chandeliers, when your inside you feel like you went back in time and you’re some high class big shot from the early 20th century. Mix that with Amy Schumer, and without a doubt you’ll have a one of a kind experience.

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