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Well it’s looking like Chicago weather is going to cooperate this year for St. Paddy’s and you know that means fun, fun fun in the city! Ok, so technically St. Paddy’s day is on Tuesday the 17th, but here in Chicago we start the celebration on Thursday and end on Sunday Funday. Whether you’re a local or in town for the weekend, here are 5 things to do in the city this weekend that we think you will enjoy;

1.) St Patrick’s Day Parade
This years parade will be on Saturday, March 14th, 2015. The parade ends with dyeing the Chicago river green. It’s sure to be packed with thousands of tourists and locals who just love to see the the river turned bright green vs it’s normal algae green color. Steps off at noon – rain or shine. For more details check out the parade website.

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2.) Southside Irish Parade.
Why go to one Chicago parade when you can go to two? Come show the Southside some love on Sunday, March 15th. The parade will be Held in the Beverly neighborhood, and starts off at noon from 103rd, and proceeds down Western Avenue to 115th Street. For more details check out the parade website.

Because. Wrigleyville.

Because. Wrigleyville.

3.) Anywhere in Wrigleyville
There ain’t no party like a Wrigleyville Party because a Wrigleyville party don’t stop. That is unless its shutdown by the cops in riot gear at noon. (no really) Wrigleyville is like Chicago’s frat house, and there is sure to be wild shenanigans going on from
pretty much 8am on Saturday to 8am the next day. Not even going to lie, I love Wrigley on St. Paddy’s day. The people watching is unparalleled. A friend of mine years ago once said, “Why not be a part of the circus?” Wrigley on St. Paddy’s is indeed THE circus. Be warned – train travel, street travel and walking will be severely limited anywhere between Addison Red and Belmont. Probably not the best place to bring the kids or small pets, either.
Also, you’ll have better luck beating a red light camera ticket than finding parking in Wrigley this Saturday. But if none of this scares you away, head to Wrigley and have 10 green beers for me!

Natalie showing off the proper technique for holding a booty-call pitcher at Merkles.

Natalie showing off the proper technique for holding a booty-call pitcher at Merkles.

Oh and while in Wrigley, be sure to stop by Merkle’s pub and pose with the life size plastic Colonel Sanders statue wearing sunglasses. All of the cool kids do it! Also order a booty-call pitcher. It’s basically an old school fishbowl filled with liquor and Kool-Aid. Gotta love Wrigley.

4.) Emmit’s Irish Pub
Ever since Funky Buddha Lounge shut down across the street (I’m still sad about that), Emmit’s Irish Pub moved into my #1 spot for favorite bar in Chicago. In my younger days (Ok, I still go there sometimes), I used to go there to pre-bar before heading
over to Buddha.

Shannon Rovers at Emmit's 2014.

Shannon Rovers at Emmit’s last year. What a blast.

What do I love about Emmit’s?
I love the songs in the jukebox (heavy on 80’s music), love the authentic Irish accent of some of the bartenders, love that it was in the Ocean’s 11 remake, and love having a Reuben and Greenline there. On St. Paddy’s day, Seeing the Shannon Rovers Irish Pipe band play there is just plain awesome.

5.) Be random and bar hop
Whether in Wrigley or Pilsen or Hyde Park. Get out there and follow the sea of Chicagoans and tourists dressed in green and beads to the nearest packed watering hole and throw back a few green beers. Chicago Eater has put together this awesome list of Irish pubs around the city.

Don’t forget to tuck in your flask, and put on something green! Preferably something that says Chi-Rish on it. Have fun this weekend and be safe. If drinking, please have a DD, Taxi or Uber on call – or just take the good old CTA! We like our Chicagoans alive. Cheers!

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